Show your show


Show Your Show 2017
International Creative Conference and Exhibition

July 7-8, 2017
Kyiv, Ukraine

– Cirque du Soleil

The International Creative Exhibition and Conference provided a unique platform to improve the quality of shows, events and advertising in the global entertainment market. As the entry point into the professional global entertainment industry, the participants from different countries discussed international trends for 2017 and demonstrated their best works over the course of the conference. Networking and meetings with colleagues became an important part of the programme. The industry leaders shared practical solutions and talked about new technologies that promoted and developed the entertainment business.

Conference themes:
• Creative management/combination of creativity and management;
• Innovative technologies and show industry;
• Creative marketing and brand;
• Relationship between education and show industry;
• Synthesis of theatre, sports, and show.

Keynote speakers:
• James Tanabe – Senior Director of Corporate Development and Business Cirque du Soleil (Canada)
• Boris Verkhovsky – Director Performance Design and Development Cirque du Soleil (Canada)
• Artyom Badalyan – CEO and Creative Producer, Art of Artistic GmbH (Germany)
• Christian Frei – COO, Gregory Knie Entertainment (Switzerland)
• Samuel Jornot – Stage Director & Artistic Consultant, Circus, Theater and Site-specific Events (Switzerland)