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Keep in touch, stay together!

Will virtual technology ever replace live events? Today we know that they will not. But the global pandemic almost made us believe it.

COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to the event and entertainment industry. Hundreds of major international events have been canceled or (like the Oscars and the Olympic Games) postponed to 2021. Organizers around the world are forced to quickly fit into the context, trying unusual solutions and formats.

The event industry has always been open to modern technologies and today is the technologies that help us to survive. This is already perceived as the norm that people get an education, attend theater performances, shows, concerts, conferences, and festivals without leaving their home or office.

We believe – Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger! And in this context, it is incredibly interesting to observe how the entertainment industry changes in the new post-quarantine reality: online conquer an audience and offline becomes “a new luxury” for the chosen ones. On our page, we are going to track these changes and talk about the future opportunities for organizers and participants that opened up by recent global events around the world.

Keep in touch, stay together!

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