Franco Dragone

Founder and artistic director


Artyom Badalyan

CEO and Creative Producer

Art of Artistic Group

James Tanabe


51/49 Productions and La République Internationale des Arts

Boris Verkhovsky

Director, expert performers development

Welby Altidor

Group Chief Creative Officer

Cityneon Holdings

Christian Frei

Chairman Of The Board

934 Entertainment & Innovation Limited / 934 Systems LLC

Philip Nirod

Director & Chief production designer

StarLight Scenery

Christian Stark

Specialist in Design Thinking

SAP business software

Bernard Petiot

VP Casting & Performance

Cirque du Soleil

Ian Jenkins

Director of Entertainment

Europa Park

Samuel Jornot

Stage Director / Creative consultant / Circus pedagogue

Circus, Theater and Site-specific Events

Tatyana Velychenko

Casting Acrobatic Coordinator – Circus performers and Athletes

Cirque du Soleil

Dmitry Belyaykov

Casting Acrobatic Talent – Athletes and Circus performers

Cirque du Soleil

Frank Helpin

Senior Director, Innovation

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group

Gregory Knie

Owner and Producer

Swiss Circus Salto Natale and the "Ohlala" show

Olga Nesterenko

Managing Partner

NEBO ideas agency