About us

We represent the company Art of Artistic Group – the creator and organizer of the international exhibition and conference Show Your Show, that connects creative product creators with technical specialists in show-making and innovations.

Every year we invite world leaders of the show business industry to Ukraine to exchange knowledge and experience, search for fresh ideas, new artists, and suppliers.


Art of Artistic Group is a Berlin-based company focused on the highest level of services in the conceptualization, organization and development of shows and other events in collaboration with outstanding worldwide performers.

The field of our interests and competencies: corporate gala concerts, fashion shows, presentations, opening ceremonies, theatrical performances, symphony orchestra concerts, modern circus, and variety shows.

Although the top priority of the company is building partnerships with leading professionals, the company also pays great attention to the search and support of new talent.

Art of Artistic Group provides consulting services in the following areas:
– creation of a unique stage image;
– artist’s performing abilities;
– negotiation skills;
– professional legal advice (show organization according to international law).

The geography of our activities extends around the world, ranging from the USA to Germany onwards to Ukraine and finally to China.

We invite

Marketing Specialist Designer Journalist Performer
Composer Promoter Investor Decorator
Choreographer Lighting designer Sound engineer
Filmmaker Stage director TV company IT company
Robotics company Entertainment lawyer Technical company Sound company
Audiovisual specialist Catering Advertising & Event agencies Show business representative Politicians


Our team

Artem Badalyan

Founder, Creator

Lena Gomon

Project Director

Ivan Luzan

Creative Director

Elena Nalivayko

Program Director

Yuri Moiseenko

Stage Director

Anna Fefelova

Artistic Manager

Pavel Vernik

Marketing Director

Natalia Morozko

Conference Manager

Sergey Stefansky

Exhibition technical director

Boris Pustovoy

technical director

Philip Nirod

ART director

Vladyslava Shchepynska

Exhibition director

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